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Run on Duck pot pies … sold out till tomorrow.

From the Field:

Fresh chicken Breast

Fresh Duck breasts and legs and thigh


From the Kitchen:

Fresh Pot pies … chicken only

Ravioli .. both cheese and duck confit


From the smoker:

Smoked chicken breast



From our Friends:

The world finest and most responsibly grown rices from around the world

Heirloom Beans from the nuts at Rancho Gordo … these guys love beans !!


Sold out of cheese.  more gruyere and piave tomorrow.

Of note:

Berkshire pig to the processor Tuesday .. in farmstand or for delivery on Thursday.

potatoes, and onions from Bill Walsh in Simsbury … great guy … real deal organic ..  coming for next weeks delivery

Greens and veggies (limited) from Urth farms greenhouses in new Britain for FarmStand and Delivery.