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From the Field:

Fresh chicken product … breasts or leg thigh

Fresh Duck breasts and legs and thigh


From the Kitchen:

Fresh Pot pies … chicken and duck

Ravioli .. both cheese and duck confit


From the smoker:

Smoked chicken breast

limited smoked Duck breasts


From our Friends:

The world finest and most responsibly grown rices from around the world

Heirloom Beans from the nuts at Rancho Gordo … these guys love beans !!


Epoisses … stink from France … if you like it stinky, this is worlds top 5 tasty cheeses .

The usual suspects :  Piave from France and Gruyere from Switzerland.


Of note:

Berkshire pig to the processor Tuesday .. in farmstand or for delivery on Thursday.

potatoes, and onions from Bill Walsh in Simsbury … great guy … real deal organic ..  coming for next weeks delivery

Greens and veggies (limited) from Urth farms greenhouses in new Britain for FarmStand and Delivery.


Thanks.  Eat well.

Kenny for everyone who puts up with me.