How It Works

Here is the short story ..
The most healthy meats and meals, delivered fresh from our farm direct to your door anywhere in Connecticut. Always Non GMO .. Better than Organic and smartly packaged. If you want to know where this food comes from you can get in your car and find out.

Orders should be made on this website for both  pickup at the AirStream FarmStand or for delivery on Thursday.  (we deliver anywhere in CT,  but only in CT )

Because the weights of many of our items will vary, orders are paid after delivery or pickup.  If you pickup your delivery you can pay any way you want… check … cash … or by using a credit card here at this website. (use the pay for stuff tab)

If we deliver your order, every item will be priced and  you can pay using a credit card here at this website, or send us a check to: MarWin Farm  207 Steele Road New Hartford CT 06057



Delivery is on Thursdays and will be delivered in a soft “farmers market” type cooler.  Your order will be packed with frozen chicken or duck stock as ice packs to keep the product cold if you are not home.  The stock is fantastic and there is no charge.

The MarWin Farm AirStream FarmStand is open Thursday-Sunday from 12ish to 7pm  &  is located at approximately 870 Town Hill Rd in New Hartford.   Look for the silver Airstream trailer … that IS the famstand.

The AirStream FarmStand is located on the Christmas Tree farm of Jeff Steadman, not our farm.   Our actual farm is located about 2 miles from the farmstand.  Our Farm is in a back lot with no road frontage  or retail access, so Jeff is kind enough to let us “park” the Farmstand on his property.  Thanks Jeff !!




Pekin Duck