You Slice – Savory Bacon $12/lb.


Of course we use our own, world class Berkshire pork belly … and rather than smoking it we marinate it in fresh thyme, salt, pepper, garlic, apple cider and brown sugar. ¬†Take it out of the bag … wipe it or rinse to your liking (the more you rinse the less salty it will be) … and slice it the way you like it.

Leave it in the marinate for a little while … or a little while more … and the flavor changes over time … Fun !

Unlike any “bacon” you have ever had !!!! *Not a cured product* and of course no nitrates or nitrites.


about 1 lb. of pork belly + a little magic marinade to a package

($12. / lb.  Final price you pay after delivery or pickup will vary slightly based on actual weight)