Chicken Pot Pie with cheesy biscuit top


Possibly the best biscuit you’ll ever eat. A dough of fresh parsley, dry thyme, aged Swiss Gruyere, and Piave Vecchio is folded again and again to create cheese and butter stuffed layers of flakey goodness. We use this biscuit to finish all of our pot pies, because a one layer crust simply isn’t enough.

Underneath, you’ll find a blonde gravy filled with carrots, onions, celery, potatoes and loads of chicken. Our farm fresh chicken is seasoned with Hungarian Paprika (which really is the best you can have), a little garlic, and a little black pepper…slow cooked in chicken stock to insure the moisture doesn’t escape. Once all of that is in the gravy, we add just a hint of Marsala wine right at the end, adding the right “kick”, since we refuse to over-salt.

Simple and delicious, we’re sure this will become one of your favorites.


1lb. oven-ready container, $10 each