Aunty Tipsy’s Double Bourbon Chopped Liver Pate


Fresh Duck and Chicken Livers seasoned with a blend of Nutmeg, Clove, and other spices meld with a house made Onion Melange flamed with Old Crow Bourbon. The mix is then coarse ground with half and half and just a bit more Old Crow Bourbon at the end, just for good measure.

We finish each container of pate with a thin layer of clarified duck fat.

Spreadable and simply delicious, our dynamic Pate can stand alone, bring life to your favorite bread or crostini, and add depth and variety to a charcuterie board. Not to mention it’s rich, earthy character is a natural companion to our Smoked Duck Breast!


1 half pound container of earthy chopped liver pate finished with a thin layer of our clarified duck fat. Exquisite.