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Menu Page added .. taking orders for Wed Feb 11th

Hey all .. the snow …. a real slow week for restaurants …. and the chickens are a little smaller than we like  .. we are not doing product this week … but we are taking orders for next week.

Note the menu page we have added to the website .. we will try to keep it up to date .

Notes for Wed feb 11th delivery”

No rabbit

Fresh Pork Sausage available care of Tom Truelove’s farm in Litchfield.

email to order


And if you want a full menu of prepared foods with the highest quality ingredients .. for your family or for your guests can always check out Tina at Tinas Table in Simsbury.  Her menu is on facebook!

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From the Farm to your table for Thursday Jan 22 delivery

We are back in production and we should have a full farm to table menu available most weeks going forward.

All items except the Freezer Stuffers will be vacuum sealed for exceptional refrigerated shelf life or easy freezing.

Delivery is Thursday.

Minimum order of $50 please.

$10. delivery fee for orders under $100.00

!!!  Always non GMO, Corn Free, Omega 3 boosted with Flax seed !!!


Whole “birds”

Freezer Stuffer           a la carte
Chicken   $3.50/lb                 $4.75/lb
Duck      $4.25/lb                 $6.50/lb
Rabbit     ($20)                     ($25)

Pieces and parts

Chicken Breast boneless            $10/lb
Chicken Leg and thigh              $ 5/lb
Duck Breast boneless               $ 15/lb
Duck Leg and thigh                 $  8/lb
Livers  (duck and/or chicken)      $  8/lb


Chicken Sausage                     6.99/lb
Duck Sausage                       12.00/lb
Pork Sausage                        6.99/lb
(Pork not available this week)

Fresh Duck Egg pastas

Wide hand cut noodles               4.50/lb
linguine                            4.50/lb
Chicken ravioli                     12$/10
Duck ravioli                        14$/10


Duck Confit                  $12/2 legs
Chicken /Duck Liver Pate      $8/each
(Good old chopped liver pate puree with brandy flame)


Rendered Duck Fat                $6/each
Duck Stock                       $5/Quart
Chicken Feet Stock               $5/Quart

!!!  Always non GMO, Corn Free, Omega 3 boosted with Flax seed !!!

email to order

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This weeks Menu (and next weeks for that matter ((Christmas week)))

If you are on our email list .. you have seen this … if you aren’t you haven’t


Happy Holidays to all …

We have items from the Farm and from Tina’s Table  .. and you can expect
more of the same in the future.!

For Delivery Thursday and Friday Dec 18th 19th (depending on location ):
— Note .. no delivery next week (Christmas week) so place your
order this week for Christmas–

Freezer Stuffers (10 item minimum…fresh, whole, unwrapped ) Chickens
(3.50/lb) Ducks (4.25/lb) Rabbits ($20/fryers approx. 3 lbs each)

Mix and match just get to 10 to get the “stuffer Price”

*please note a slight increase in price due to increase in non-GMO feed

We also have seasonally prepared items and individually wrapped small
quantities of birds available from Tina’s Table…please see Tina’s Winter
Menu below… Free delivery for any add-on items to your freezer stuffer
order…$15 delivery charge for orders under $130…

Tina’s Table Winter Menu:

Individually wrapped MarWin Farm ducks, chickens and rabbits ready for the
table, fridge or freezer.  All produce Ingredients is USDA Certified Organic
sourced from Hall’s Farm in Simsbury…

– Whole Chickens 4.75/lb
– Whole Ducks 6.50/lb
– Whole Rabbits 25/each

Soups: 5/pint  10/quart
– Italian Wedding w. rosemary, garlic and parmesan chicken meatballs, kale
and fresh duck egg noodles
– Duck Sausage, Sweet Potato and Kale Soup
– Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

– Fresh Duck Sausage…seasonal flavor is Caramelized Onion & Sage 12/lb.
– Duck Confit  12/2 legs
– Duck Rillettes 10/each
– Chicken and Duck Liver Pate 8/each

Fresh Duck Egg Pastas:
– Fresh Hand-cut duck egg noodles…4.50/lb
– Chicken, Duck or Butternut Squash Ravioli…$12/10 hand-cut ravioli

– Kale Walnut Pesto 5.50/each
– Pickled Red Cabbage 5/each
– Rendered Duck Fat 6/each
– Duck Stock 5/Quart
– Chicken Feet Stock 5/Quart

Please email back with your order…Wishing you all a safe, happy and
healthy holiday season and thanks for supporting the farm and the Kitchen.

Kenny and Tina
(all typos and misspellings should be attributed Kenny)

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The “snorkel” lives

Well .. if you didn’t catch it on Facebook .. here’s a re- cap …

The “snorkel” lives !!! … after a considerable re-use as a grain bin (it holds exactly 1 ton of organic barley) the hippie-est hot tub ever made is back in action .. if your not familiar .. it is a cedar barrel with a submerged aluminum wood stove .. yes a wood stove hot tub !

Well it works great .. and its a lot of fun … and fits perfectly into the farms motto .. “if it ain’t labor intensive .. it ain’t worth doin'”

Watch here and in my news letter for upcoming Winter Monday open house dates here on the farm … who know you might get a dip in the snorkel, and some tasty food and drink in the Airstream !!

Thanks for supporting the farm !!