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Thursday morning inventory

Fresh chickens .. 4.5 ish lbs
limited whole ducks .. 5.0 lbs ish
limited ham steaks

in the works for the weekend

Smoked duck and chicken breasts
More whole chickens and ducks
Duck Breasts and legs
Duck Confit ravioli

Enjoy, and thanks for supporting the farm.
Gather – Cook – Celebrate – Repeat

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Slim pickins Wednesday

still some great stuff …. a couple of smoked chicken and duck breasts ..3 whole ducks … both cheeses ..stinky and not … a couple of fresh ham steaks !!! sold out of whole chickens .. but will have more after 4 today !!
Enjoy … and thanks for supporting the farm !!
Gather – Cook – Celebrate – Repeat

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Tuesday Airstream FarmStand Inventory

Tuesday .. gorgeous morning .. 10:20 am FarmStand is open.

We are sold out of whole chickens till tomorrow. sorry.

2 packages of the fresh pepper sausage .. I had for breakfast .. its mildly hot and really tasty !

2 smoked duck breasts left.

3 smoked chicken breasts … these smoked items are fantastic with the cheeses

cheeses … stinky and not … from NY and Switzerland.

4 whole ducks.

several fresh ham cuts … both small raosts and ny strip style steaks … I had last night .. fantastic !

4 or 5 “Savory bacon in a bag” .. fresh belly marinating in freshly picked thyme, garlic , salt, pepper, toasted fennel and sesame seeds and apple cider !!! .. .keep it in the bag for a couple more days .. then slice off what you want to cook … rinse or wipe … and cook !! you will never go back to “regular” bacon.

Enjoy — and thanks for supporting the farm

Gather – Cook – Celebrate – Repeat


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Saturday September 13th update

It’s Sunday the farm stand is open. there’s only one smoked chicken breast and one package of pork chops . … there is savory bacon in a bag… whole chickens and ducks… to fabulous cheeses one from Switzerland one from New York… one stinky one not stinky.. we have more chicken breasts that are smoking as we speak… and we will be harvesting the pepper garden and making a spicy jalapeno sausage for later this afternoon … there is a bunch of gorgeous fresh ham steaks… this leg was aged for 2 weeks at 34 degrees and is like sushi gorgeous .. this might be the best pork you can buy anywhere in the country but it will set you back $10…. what a deal
Gather – cook – celebrate – repeat

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The Farm Stand is open !

The Airstream Farm Stand is open daily from 10 to 7.  We offer a complement of products from our farm and kitchen, including Chicken, Duck, Pork, Rabbit and Quail. and we import The finest cheese in the world to complement what we grow here.

As is the case with eating off the farm .. we don’t have everything all the time .. we are not trying to be a supermarket. .. rather we hope you look at our Farm Stand like your garden …. you go there ….see what’s available and make it your celebration !!

The Farm Stand is on Town Hill Road (rt 219) at the rt 202 end.  We do not have a number but I think 870 Town Hill Rd New Hartford 06057 in your GPS will get you pretty darn close.  We are on the Steadman Christmas Tree farm.

Come check it out !


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Airstream Farm Stand is Close !!!

New Farm Stand should be up and running Thursday of next week .. stay tuned … email updates to come … we should have Chickens .. Ducks …. and pure Berkshire Pork .. finished on almonds !!! chops… roasts and more …. plus sausages, Duck eggs … and more !!!

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Will it work ??? now .. rolling it with tractor

And the answer is ….. Not even close !!! Im not sure if its because they are old .. but the plastic is way more brittle than I thought it would be.  Certainly could put less material in …but that kind of defeat s the purpose of a GIANT composting bin.   Back to the drawing board Colonel Klink !compost3

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Will it Work : giant composting tank

Ok … so vessel composting makes super hot super quick finished compost .. right ?  Well what if you took a spent 1500 gal water tank … drilled some air holes in the sides … cut a door in it so you could fill it with the tractor … and filled it with straw based manure from the bird houses … and then rolled them over with the tractor a couple times a day at the start and then at least every day after .

….  Finished compost ?  three weeks ?   temps > 150 deg to kill weed seeds ?  smell gone in 24 hours ?

Will it work ??

Stay Tuned