News For the Week

March 27th 2027 :

The Airstream will be open today at noon and pretty well stocked…. sausage, and chickens for sure … chops by Tomorrow for sure.

Look for pick your own fresh blue oyster mushrooms at the Airstream Friday through Sunday … really cool .. can’t get them any fresher without getting your feet wet.

Whole chickens are around 4 lbs.  Duck breasts raw or smoked…. and lots lots more .

Fresh Free delivery on Thursdays anywhere in CT.

Tell your friends.



March 10th, 2017

What a great event at the Big Red greater Hartford Arts Council wine tasting last night !!! I think the Marwin Farm crew knocked it out of the park with the smoked duck breast, Aunty tipsy chopped liver pate and Red’s chicken chorizo meatballs.

This week we have a full complement of great products from the fields and from the kitchen so click in an order and on Thursday it will be at your house, packed responsibly with free frozen stock as your ice packs.

Its as easy as amazon  and as fresh and healthy as living on your own farm.

For Everyone at the farm … Thanks, Kenny


March 7th, 2017

Hello all .. trying to catch up this week. .. stay tuned … duck video coming … and the pate and wings look great … we will be at the Big Red Hartford Arts Council fun raiser at the Hartford infinity hall on Thursday … and more to come … thanks for supporting the farm …

stay tuned a new bacon is coming and our home grown mushrooms …

Kenny for everyone .


February 28, 2017

Marwin Farm is honored to be partnering with Healing Meals to provide exceptionally healthy, residual pesticide free meat and poultry for families going through a health crisis. We believe you should feed your family the best. Our custom feed is boosted with the highest level of Omega 3 oils available anywhere.  There’s a reason why we are sought out by both individuals and families with compromising health issues.  Healthy is better for your body and better for your soul.

Duck, duck, duck.  No goose.  We talk about duck to anyone who will listen because it is such a wonderful meat to cook, and a more healthy and sustainable alternative to beef.   Many people feel duck is hard to cook at home and is a meal you only order in restaurants. We want to change that, and will be making a huge effort here at the farm kitchen to get more recipes, videos, and information on the website for our farm friends.  Keep visiting to find all this cool content and of course, place your order for deliveries!.  One of the first recipes we will be sharing is one that Kenny learned to cook when he was a teenager, working under the fabulous chef Dan Kucharski at the Wilcox Tavern in Westerly, Rhode Island… “Duck in Three Peppercorn Sauce”.

A full complement of chicken, duck, pork, and ready-to-go items from our farm kitchen is available this week. Head to the website to order for delivery on Thursday (or pickup at the Airstream Farmstand).

Now rewarding referrals from all of our friends!  Forward this email to five people and email: saying you did so, and we will put a special surprise in your next delivery bag.


MarWin Farm Team



February 23rd, 2017

The Red chickens are now our official MarWin Farm bird !!! we are really excited .. not because we make more money on them .. we don’t …they eat more … and take much longer to grow … but they are simply a great, healthier, tastier chicken …. they are not quite as breasty as the commercial birds but thats all right  ….

Diversity is a key brick in our farms foundation and the “Red’s Reds” (we gave them that name) are in keeping with this principle …. also … because they are such a hearty bird we can keep them for breeding stock and mix with some other interesting breeds … much like we do in the summer with our Duck hatching program … I love this bird and I know you will.

Pork looks exceptional as usual, and the duck breasts are spectacular at about 1.5 lb per bird.

Order for delivery or pick up at the airstream at or stop by the Airstream for whats ready to go … we are pretty stocked up for the weekend .

Thanks for supporting the farm.

Gather – Cook – Celebrate – Repeat

Kenny for the team


February 4, 2017

Pretty stocked up.

pot pies are in !!

Classic roasted garlic sausage and fresh chorizo sausage

our usual fab duck and chicken products.

a couple of pork roasts ….

No chops … if you want to get chops you are going to have to order therm ahead here on this website for pickup or delivery … they are sold out before we can get them to the Farmstand !!

Thank you all for your great support of the farm.


Gather – Cook – Celebrate – Repeat