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Lots of great stuff for the weekend

Note :  Next delivery Thursday Sept 7th. anywhere in CT.


We will be well stocked with chicken and Duck for the weekend … whole .. parts … all fresh some brined … and some smoked.\

Also we will have some very special pork cuts from an American Guinea Hog … this is an old farmstead breed … and as such is designed to produce meat AND Lard.  The fat on these “little fatties” is simply spectacular … The Guinea hogs don’t grow large .. and so the cuts will be “unique.  We will do half the pig as fresh and half in a special brine.  The hams will be small enough for a dinner party of 4 to 6 …. the brined cuts will be in an equilibrium brine so they can stay in the fridge for at least a week at least and they will not get “over” brined, as the salt content is based on the weight of the cut.

Also look for the return of pot pies and ravioli … ill let you know when they are in the Farmstand.

I am making fresh Garlic Scape pesto sausage today (remember we put up a couple hundred lbs of organic scapes earlier this season!)

There is still some fabulous mozzarella and other great cheese.

Lastly … I am working on the ultimate egg sandwich ….. home made over sized English muffin … duck egg .. still runny but not too …. caramelized duck neck onions (dont ask just eat …heaven) and a liberal lubrication of ….. Aioli … but what to put in the Aioli ??? not garlic I dont think …… lemon like a hollandaise ?   Herbs ?    thats the final piece … just not sure ..

Thanks for supporting the Farm


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