Wednesday Charcuterie tasting at the Airstream  5 to 6:30

Mike and I went meat stick shopping in Brooklyn NY yesterday and brought back some killer cured meats .. come by and try some.  byob.

Sunday Roasted Chickens at the AirStream ..

Sunday October 1, 2017

In the style of the French Farmers’ Market … whole chickens … slow roasted over wood fire and sent home with you warm and ready for your dinner celebration …. first come first served or reserve with me (Kenny) 860 922 7664

Pop-Up Event

When: Sunday, April 9th


Where: 870ish Town Hill Road

Spinning Meat at the Airstream Farmstand

Come on down!

Big Red for the Arts ….. Thursday March 9th,  Infinity Music Hall …5:30 VIP wine  …. 6:30 Grand wine tasting

Join us at the Big Red for the Arts fundraiser for the Greater Hartford Arts Council  on Thursday March 9th at the new Infinity Hall in Hartford .. lots of restaurants …. and I think just one farm ….. will be serving all sorts of carry and eat food.

We will be serving duck hors d’oeuvres as well some special sausages.  come on down … sip some wine .. support the arts