About The Farm

MarWin Farm is the result of the continuous quest of Kenny, Mike, Sadie and Shannon  to produce the finest, most healthy, farm fresh meats and meals available anywhere on the planet.  Always non-GMO, Better than Organic (BTO) and Omega 3 fortified.  We Grow Chickens, Ducks and  Berkshire pigs and on occasion Rabbit and other meats.

We have an on-farm processing facility that is licensed and inspected by the State of Ct and the USDA and we have a commercial kitchen that is licensed and inspected by the department of consumer protection and we have a bakers license.

We produce fresh meats from the field … Sausages, pot pies,  stocks, soups,  pasta and ravioli from the Kitchen  …. and we smoke duck and chicken breasts on our smoker. We also sell some of the ingredients that we use in our kitchen.  These items …from our friends  … include rice from Lotus foods, and beans from Rancho Gordo.  We are militant about using only the finest, most healthy, ingredients possible, and these “friends” share these same values.

Our Farm is in a back lot in New Hartford Ct and has no retail traffic. Luckily, thanks to our buddy Jeff Steadman we have our AirStream FarmStand at his beautiful Christmas tree farm on Town Hill Rd (219) right here in New Hartford. If you’re not familiar, its at about 870 Town Hill Rd New Hartford 06057 on a GPS. The FarmStand is open at least from noon to 7 daily year round and has an ever changing array of fresh products from our farm and farm Kitchen.

We feed our Animals a special blend of feed made exclusively for our farm by Hiland Naturals.
Hiland is part of the NON GMO verification project and test their ingredients for not only the presence of GMO ingredients but also the top 100 most common residual synthetic herbicides and pesticides. We think it is the best feed in the world and “Better than Organic” because of the testing program that is completely lacking in the USDA Organic program.

Depending on commodities prices our feed formula is sometimes corn free with Wheat playing a major role. Currently our feed is corn based.

The Farm is members of the American Livestock conservancy and the Slow Food Organization.