About Our Chickens

We are always looking for the perfect chicken … and that means a balance of size, flavor and breed.  We refuse to raise commercial white birds for many reasons … mainly because they are a perfect example of why breed diversity is important  …. the white commercial bird is the same breed in virtually every supermarket in the country … keeping all your eggs in one basket is not a good idea because eventually that damn cat trips you and you drop the basket … and end up with … yes … NO Eggs … Did you follow that metaphor ?

At any rate .. we are currently raising two birds … both diverse, red feathered breeds .. one is the Sasso.  This is my favorite bird.  The only problem is currently we can only get them as young birds in the <2lb  and then we raise them to market weight from there.  Life is full of trade off’s.  We would like to  get these birds as day old chicks, so they were fed only our feed, but …that is the trade off.  We have negotiated to get the birds as chicks if we can get our volume up and our working with restaurants to see if they would be interested.  Stay tuned.

The other red feathered bird is the Freedom Ranger … a  nice hearty free ranging bird with a nice yellowish carcass and good flavor … The nice thing is we can get them as day old chicks …  but I don’t think the genetics is as diverse as I would like … and the flavor is real good, especially on our feed … but not the perfect bird.

We are splitting hairs … I assume that is what you want us to do.

Remember … the birds we grow are the best you can get anywhere in the country.  We are just always trying to make it better.


All typo and missspellings are intentional