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The Red chickens are now our official MarWin Farm bird !!! we are really excited .. not because we make more money on them .. we don’t …they eat more … and take much longer to grow … but they are simply a great, healthier, tastier chicken …. they are not quite as breasty as the commercial birds but thats all right  ….


Diversity is a key brick in our farms foundation and the “Red’s Reds” (we gave them that name) are in keeping with this principle …. also … because they are such a hearty bird we can keep them for breeding stock and mix with some other interesting breeds … much like we do in the summer with our Duck hatching program … I love this bird and I know you will.

Pork looks exceptional as usual, and the duck breasts are spectacular at about 1.5 lb per bird.

Order for delivery or pick up at the airstream at or stop by the Airstream for whats ready to go … we are pretty stocked up for the weekend .


Thanks for supporting the farm.

Gather – Cook – Celebrate – Repeat

Kenny for the team