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We deliver fresh poultry, pork and more every Thursday throughout CT.

Always NON GMO, and Omega 3 Boosted

Chicken, Duck, Pork, Sausage, Pot Pies, Mushrooms and more.

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We are are small batch Ct Farm Located in New Hartford.  Our farm has a licensed processing facility, and a licensed commercial kitchen, allowing us to control almost all aspects of your foods production.  In the fields we  grow red feathered chickens, pure Berkshire Pigs, our own Pekin cross ducks, and American Guinea Hogs.    From our kitchen we produce spectacular sausage, cured meats, pot pies, ravioli and more.

We feed a custom blended NON GMO, Omega 3 boosted formula of our own design.  Our goal is to produce the most healthy meats and foods, in the most sustainable fashion, using diverse breeds.  If this sounds like where you would like your families food to come from then click on the shop button and our fresh, healthy foods will show up at your door.  Always fresh!

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Kenny, Red, Shannon, Mike, Joanne, Eddie, and Olive  (and Maggie in Boston)

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