last of the sausages for the week but limited qty.

garlic piave ravioli

Duck breast in Rosemary Balsamic

forbidden salad

Swiss Gruyere cheese.

New pig next week … not huge … say 200 life weight .. a nice and rare size … if you want anything special let us know.


Happy Friday!!

We are stocking up the airstream with five different types of sausage today!! Fabulous Basil Pesto Sausage is to die for with shredded Piave cheese (you cant beat that), our Classic Sausage thats loaded with roasted garlic and fennel, a new “Never Been Smoked Smokey Sausage” with a nice spicy kick, smoked Chorizo (from our origional recipe), AND my new personal favorite CHORIZO 2.0!!! Red formulated a new recipe that is to die for, similar to a classic Mexican chorizo with lots and LOTS of depth of flavor.

We are also still stocked up on our rice salads made from the rice Lotus foods, the best rice money can buy (we aren’t cutting any corners here)!!!
Soups and a few packs of ravioli available too…

Fresh Chicken and Duck products will return in the next week or two… sorry for the delay, the coyote won this time. If there is anything you are dying for give us a call we will always try our best for you.

Gather, Cook, Celebrate, Repeat.

Thanks for your support!! We love you!!

Eve and the crew

p.s. more ravioli coming soon


Well we were hit hard by coyotes this week and lost a lot of market ready birds … so we will be out of chickens and have limited qty of duck for the next couple weeks … but not to worry… as the nights begin to cool .. Red and Eve have been making some fantastic salad using our new Lotus foods rices … and a chicken soup that is to die for …

Also a quail and sausage gumbo … not spicy … great flavor ….

Red’s Ravioli and a special garlic and Piave cheese.

more to come .. as we finalize the pot pies and the Mac and Cheese.


Gather – Cook – Celebrate – Repeat.


We love food so much we are staying inside all day to deliver you delicious food this weekend!!! Go out and get some vitamin D for us and enjoy this gorgeous day!!! “summertime and the livin’s easy” -Sublime

At the Airstream::
Cheese Ravioli
Duck Ravioli
Duck Breast
Duck Legs
Chicken Wings
Whole Chickens
Chicken Breast
Chicken Legs
“Get in my Belly” pork belly
Loin Roast
Aunty Tipsy’s Liver Pate
Duck Fat
Honey Shallot Sausage
Cran-Apple Sausage
Salva Cremesco imported cheese
Currently working on Garden Fresh Basil Pesto Sausage and Chorizo….
We Love YOU!!!!!
-Eve and the crew


WE will be opening a little late today as we are short staffed and timed … after about 2″30 should be Ravioli and some odds and ends but slim picking till we get back to the farm to get processing and re- stocking.



As seen on Facebook:

Just a reminder … I would put our duck breast up against any piece of beef .. any day … it’s “red” meat and we cook it that way … I like my beef rare and that is the way I like my duck breast. Sliced on the bias over rice or couscous it is elegant and delicious.

And the Carbon footprint of Duck and Chicken is a fraction of beef. Next time you’re thinking of steak ..how about a duck breast … skin on …. or skin off and cubed into “tips” for a saute or on a skewer.

Duck or chicken over rice ,,,it’s good for you … and the planet !

And as for rice … we will be carrying the entire Lotus Foods Rice Line starting next week at the Airstream…. Organic, Fair trade, Non GMO Project verified ..( like our feed here on the farm) .. .and often “more crop per drop”

check it our here …. http://www.lotusfoods.com/

So remember those immortal words from June Cleaver…

“Come on Ward … lay off the Beaver and start thinking about what you put in your pie hole ”

Airstream Farmstand has Duck, Chicken, pate, Italian cow cheese, and great tunes at opening today.

Smoked chicken chorizo in the works.

We really do love you.

The MarWin Farm Team

Gather – Cook – Celebrate – Repeat


Chicken product and duck product being cut up now .. in farmstand at 2.





Wowzers, its a hot one today!

At the AirStream you’ll find:

Whole chicken
Chicken breast
Chicken legs
Duck breast
Duck legs
Duck fat
Fresh pork chorizo
Classic sausage
Wrangeback Cheese from sweden
Duck Ravioli
Cheese ravioli
Aunty Tipsy’s double bourbon liver pate

We’re packaging up smoked duck breast right now!!

Thanks for supporting the farm!

Gather – Cook – Celebrate – Repeat


Take Tuesday … add Classic and chorizo sausage … both fresh and both pork.

We love you.

The Team
Go Team

Gather – Cook – Celebrate – Repeat


When we open at noon:

whole chickens

Duck breasts

Duck legs

chopped liver pate


LOOK For in the near future”


fresh pasta

Smoked Duck Breast

Quail on a stick

Thanks everyone … have fun !!

The Team