After a lovely holiday weekend, it’s time to get back to real life!
At your favorite place, the AirStream FarmStand, you’ll find:
Chicken breast
Chicken legs
Duck breast
Duck legs
Smoked duck breast
Aunty Tipsy’s Double Bourbon liver pate
Spicy sweet duck chili
Duck Confit potpies
Duck confit ravioli
Cheese ravioli
Ham and bean soup

Chicken pot pies are on their way!

Thanks for supporting the Farm.

Gather – Cook – Celebrate – Repeat

Basic repeated boilerplate stuff to follow …
Text Red or Kenny to reserve items or place special orders
Kenny 860 922 7664 Red: 860 689 5311
FarmStand open 7 days noon to 7 at
870 ish town Hill Rd New Hartford, Ct 06057 …
look for the silver Airstream Camper.


Great Day to Get a Christmas Tree from Jeff Steadman. Jeff let’s us put our AirStream FarmStand on his beautiful tree farm.

Help support the guy who supports us. !!

He is at 210 Maple Hollow. Don’t go to the Airstream or you will have a long walk with your tree !

Thanks Jeff.

Farmstand will be closed today.


Airstream FarmStand will be closed today. Happy Holidays.


From the Field:

Chicken Breast

Chicken leg/thigh

Pork loin .. assorted roasts

Duck breast skin on

Duck tips skin off ( for the grill .. for saute )

Duck legs

From the Kitchen:

A couple of Chicken soups left

Duck Pot pie

Chicken pot pies … will re-stock hopefully later today

Red’s Cheese Rav ( more duck coming soon)


From our Friends:


The trio .. Piave, Raclette , Gruyere

Rice from Lotus foods

Beans From Rancho Gordo.

Thanks for supporting the farm

Gather – Cook – Celebrate – Repeat


Fresh Roasted Garlic Classic Sausage in the Airstream at opening today .. along with fresh cut pork chops, skinless duck breasts for grilling or sauteing and the fantastic Pot Pies .. both Chicken and Duck.

I will be processing chickens today for sale as breasts and leg / thigh starting tomorrow … We will not be selling any whole chickens untill our new red fanger chickens are up to weight … probably another 8 weeks.

If anyone wants a fresh ham they are about 15 pounds .. let me know.

Thanks, We’ll get there eventually.

Gather – Cook – Celebrate – Repeat


At your favorite place ever you’ll find:
Duck Confit Pot Pie
Cheesy biscuit chicken pot pie
Orange glazed duck confit and jasmine rice salad
Not yo’ momma’s chicken soup
Chicken stock
Duck confit ravioli
Parsley piave raviloi (cheese rav)
Fabulous cheeses, rice, and beans

And maybe some raw duck pieces…we forget things too, no one is perfect!!

Pig week is next week so be sure to text Red or Kenny to reserve items or place special orders
Kenny 860 922 7664 Red: 860 689 5311
FarmStand open 7 days noon to 7 870 ish town Hill Rd New Hartford, Ct 06057 … look for the silver Airstream Camper.


Duck and chicken breasts
pot pies duck and chicken
Mac and cheese with or without japs
Red’s Ravioli cheese and Duck
Red’s fettuccine

Piave, Raclette, and gruyere from around the world

The worlds best heirloom beans from Rancho Gordo

The worlds most spectacular and responsible Rices from around the world c/o/ lotus foods.

Pork cuts next week.

Duck Chili and ground pork marinara coming soon.


we love you.


Its getting chilly out there so we are in the kitchen making DUCK CHILI to warm you up!! Will be stocked in farm stand tomorrow!!

Today’s product list:
Mac Attack
Chicken Pot Pie
Duck Pot Pie
Duck Confit Ravioli
Cheese Ravioli
Orange Glaze Duck Salad With Jasmin Rice
Fresh Duck and Chicken products
Chicken Soup

Thanks for supporting the farm



re post from newsletter::
i All .. lots of goodies in the Airstream today .. and almost everything is available for the week.

General notes:
If you liked the Chicken Pot Pie you HAVE to try the Duck Pot Pie .. rich, dark gravy .. lots of duck .. shrooms ..please try one you will not be disappointed !

and remember … Heat AND FLIP the pies over when serving !!!es:

Weekly update:


We will be doing a custom berkshire pig this week so if you want pork you need to order ahead of time. Next week we will have pork going to the USDA and available on Thursday of next week as cuts in the farmstand.

Chicken ..
Breasts, legs/thigh and wings (raw)

Breasts, Leg Thigh, and whole ducks …l the ducks are beautiful 5.5 to 6 lbs each.

limited .. by advance order .. whole or deboned.


Chicken pot pies will be restocked tomorrow

Duck Pot Pies

Chicken soup

Duck confit and cheese Ravioli


New improved jasmine rice duck salad


Rancho Gordo Hierloom beans

Lotus foods “more crop for the drop” organic fair trade rices



typos and spelling errors inttentional

Windy Sunday

Full complement of products on this Sunday .. from fresh chops to chicken stock and mac attack maca and cheese … we didnt get to sausage but the Farmstand is pretty stocked ..

Have fun today

Note : We are changing our breed of chicken from commercial cornish cross to a more hardy Red broiler it will be a couple months until the new birds are ready, but until that point we will not be selling birds whole, just broken down .. ie breasts, wings , leg/thigh. We have never really liked the commercial cornish birds and the industry is becoming more and more plagued with problems resulting from the inbreeding of these birds. We probably should have done this earlier but … well … the time machine remains broken so we are moving forward.


Kenny for everyone.

Gather – Cook – Celebrate – Repeat