Tasty Thursday

Duck pot pies are stocked and waiting for you…run!

From our kitchen: chicken pot pies, duck confit salad with jasmine rice, Aunty Tipsy’s double bourbon liver pate, smoked duck breast, cheese ravioli, duck confit ravioli, fettuccini

From our fields: chicken breast, duck breast, duck legs, spare ribs, bone in pork chops

As always we have Lotus Foods Rices, Rancho Gordo Beans, and our 3 favorite cheeses (Piave, Raclette, and Gruyere)

Always grateful for your support!

Gather – Cook – Celebrate – Repeat
Red and the crew


Wild Wanderlust Wednesday..


Duck Confit Pot Pie coming your way!!! What???!!! True story….

We love you guys.. therefore everyday we are going above and beyond to master the best products with the only the best, most pure, ingredients!!!

Stocked up on Cheesy Biscuit Chicken Pot Pies…

In the Works…
Duck Confit Pot Pie
Duck Confit Jasmin Rice Salad
Duck Confit Ravioli
Cheese Ravioli
Auntie Tipsy’s Double Bourbon Liver Pate
Smoked Duck Breast

Thanks for supporting the farm!!

Butch, for the team


Thursday update

Hey Everyone!!

We are totally back in action this week here at the farm!! Duck, pork and chicken products all available along with our farm to table foods!!

Pot Pies are being stocked today and these things are flying so get ’em while you can!! Mac Attacks, Duck Confit Jasmin Rice Salads, and Ravioli are in, along with Pork Cuts, Two kinds of sausage from our berkshire pigs AND chicken and duck products!!

In other news, The New Hartford Land Trust is hosting it’s 5th Annual Fall Frolic this weekend, Saturday, October 15th from 6-10 and we will be there serving up delicious pulled pork with Butch and Red’s Super Secret BBQ sauce recipe AND Stuffed Chickens all from our field to our kitchen straight to your taste buds!!

Hope to see you there 🙂

As always, if you would like something reserved or special orders contact us and we would love to take care of you!!



At open today

duck legs or breasts

smoked duck breast

fresh farm sausage

homemade chicken soup

heirloom bean and chorizo salad

Butch’s Chicken pot pie

Butch and Red’s Mac attack … with or without jalapenos

Our three house cheeses … Raclette , Gruyere , Piave

homemade pasta


Cheese Ravioli

Duck confit Ravioli


Kenny for the team

Fabulous Friday!!

Just a quick update today.. Got to get back to the kitchen ASAP 🙂

Just Stocked Today:

Duck Confit Ravioli
Smoked Duck Breast
Not Yo’ Momma’s Chicken Soup

Other items listed yesterday still pretty well stocked..

More Mac Attack’s on their way later!!!
We will be stocked through the weekend for sure!

Butch, for the team


We are holding Open House at the Airstream Farmstand every Sunday this month from 1-4!! Stop by to sample some of our new products and snag some great item while they last!! Just a reminder that we are a small batch kitchen to ensure quality and freshness of all items so all products are while supplies last… As always, if you like something reserved let us know and we will be happy to do it for you!!

Currently stocked:

Butch’s Cheesy Chicken pot pie
Red’s Rice and Beans w/ smoked Chorizo
Butch and Red’s Mac Attack
Farm Sausage
Wing Test 1.0
Whole Chicken
Chicken Breast
Cheese Ravioli

Also some imported cheese:

Swiss Gruyere
French Raclette
French Piave

More chicken and duck products coming today and tomorrow including:

smoked duck breast
duck confit ravioli
chicken soup
liver pate

!! Our bird stock is finally recovering from that damn coyote so product should be pretty consistent from here!!

Thanks for supporting the farm,
Butch, for the team



Slim Pickin’ Tuesday

Mac and Cheese



limited squash soups

that it!

for tomorrow ..

chicken product

Duck product

Pot pie


Fantastic Seasonal Squash soups

Fresh Chicken Pot Pies

Butch and Red’s Mac Attack … jalapeno Mac and Cheese.

Fresh whole chickens and breasts .

Spanked marinated ham Steaks


Coming : more chickens and breast … sausage and some interested pork cuts for Friday …. whole Quail… for Thursday..

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAYS IN OCTOBER … 1 to 4 … come try out the new fall product line.


last of the sausages for the week but limited qty.

garlic piave ravioli

Duck breast in Rosemary Balsamic

forbidden salad

Swiss Gruyere cheese.

New pig next week … not huge … say 200 life weight .. a nice and rare size … if you want anything special let us know.


Happy Friday!!

We are stocking up the airstream with five different types of sausage today!! Fabulous Basil Pesto Sausage is to die for with shredded Piave cheese (you cant beat that), our Classic Sausage thats loaded with roasted garlic and fennel, a new “Never Been Smoked Smokey Sausage” with a nice spicy kick, smoked Chorizo (from our origional recipe), AND my new personal favorite CHORIZO 2.0!!! Red formulated a new recipe that is to die for, similar to a classic Mexican chorizo with lots and LOTS of depth of flavor.

We are also still stocked up on our rice salads made from the rice Lotus foods, the best rice money can buy (we aren’t cutting any corners here)!!!
Soups and a few packs of ravioli available too…

Fresh Chicken and Duck products will return in the next week or two… sorry for the delay, the coyote won this time. If there is anything you are dying for give us a call we will always try our best for you.

Gather, Cook, Celebrate, Repeat.

Thanks for your support!! We love you!!

Eve and the crew

p.s. more ravioli coming soon